The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers publishes Literary Imagination (an acclaimed review, issued three times per year), Literary Matters (a quarterly newsletter), and Forum (an imprint on literary advocacy and public policy, issued on an occasional basis and with the approval of the ALSCW Council).

The ALSCW is also pleased to present a gallery of rare, limited edition broadsides of previously unpublished poems, signed by the poets and translators.

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Literary Imagination

Archie Burnett and Saskia Hamilton are the editors of Literary Imagination.

ALSCW members have access to Literary Imagination archives through the
Oxford University Press website.

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Literary Matters

Samantha Madway recently succeeded Leslie Harkema as the editor of Literary Matters
Issue 4.1 (Winter 2011) ) featured the first President's Column from current ALSCW President Greg Delanty, a report on the 2010 Annual Conference at Princeton University, good news about the success of the Meringoff Matching Gift program, a round-table discussion on teaching Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and more.

LM 4.1 was Leslie Harkema's final issue as editor, and we are very grateful for the excellent work she did on the newsletter and the dedication she's shown to the Association. We will miss her!
The first issue edited by Samantha Madway was LM 4.2, and we welcome her aboard!
Submissions for LM 6.1 the issue should be to, by April 1st, 20131.
Recent issues of LM are available to the public on the Literary Matters page of this site. Recent issues of LM are available on the Literary Matters page of this website.

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Forum, Vol. 5 - "What is Education? A Response to the Council on Foreign Relations Report, 'U.S. Education Reform and National Security'" - edited by Lee Oser and Rosanna Warren - was published in November 2012.

You may download this issue as a PDF.

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Limited-edition broadsides are available as an expression of our gratitude for donations to the Association of $500 or more. Currently available are "Piano Lesson," a previously unpublished poem by Adam Zagajewski translated by Clare Cavanagh, "The Golden Bough," David Ferry's translation of the famous passage from Virgil's Aeneid VI, and the most recent addition, Jane Hirshfield's previously unpublished poem "For the LOBARIA, USNEA, Witches' Hair, Map Lichen, Beard Lichen, Ground Lichen, Shield Lichen."