Broadside Gallery

The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers presents a gallery of rare, first-edition broadsides, signed by the poets and translators.

Exquisitely designed by Zachary Sifuentes of Bow & Arrow Press in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a vintage letterpress studio, each broadside is one of 20 limited printings, and is an extraordinary work of art.

Works by Adam Zagajewski (in bi-lingual format, translated by Clare Cavanagh), Jane Hirshfield, and David Ferry are available as an expression of our gratitude for gifts of $500 or more to the Association.

“The Golden Bough,” David Ferry’s previously unpublished translation of the famous passage from Virgil’s Aeneid VI, is set in Palatino with a digitally manipulated handwritten copy of the text. Twenty lettered copies are available.

The previously unpublished poem "The Piano Lesson" by Adam Zagajewski is beautifully rendered in bilingual format with English translation by Clare Cavanagh on 13” x 20” sheet. It is set in Caslon with Optima for display in lettered edition.

“For the Lobaria, Usnea, Witches’ Hair, Map Lichen, Beard Lichen, Ground Lichen, Shield Lichen” by Jane Hirshfield featured in the broadside presents a personal reflection on the metaphor of lichens and is set in Garamond next to a beautifully re-imagined cross section of map lichen. The image is green and gray, with the lines of the poem itself incorporated into the body of the lichen (Rhizocarpon geographicum).

After graduating from Princeton University and studying at the San Francisco Zen Center, Hirshfield began her career as a writer, teacher, and translator. Her work has been described as including elements of both western and eastern poetry, while using simple language that is subtly inviting to complexity.

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