Give a Gift Membership

Thank you for interest in giving the gift of ALSCW membership. Many members learn about the Association through the generosity of their friends; your gift helps to continue that tradition.

Like Regular and Premium memberships, Gift memberships are based on the calendar year. The cost is $50 for students and all other new members.

To bring a new member into the fold, please complete our standard membership form, or click the link below to purchase membership online. Please be sure to indicate that you are giving a gift, and include your name in the "Gift of" field.

Include all relevant contact information for the beneficiary of your gift. If you are unsure whether the intended beneficiary is already an ALSCW member, please contact us at or 617-358-1990. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about the forms, or the Gift Membership Program.

Again, thank you for giving ALSCW membership.

Give a Gift Membership.