Host a Literary Event


By organizing a local meeting, you help the ALSCW become a more vital force, extending our reach beyond our publications and annual conferences. Perhaps the word "meetings" sounds too drab. Have little literary festivals. They're not hard to organize.

All you have to do is dream up an occasion—a reading of new (or old) fiction or poetry, a talk on work in progress or splendidly completed, a play-reading, a communal discussion of a hot new book... Then set a date; send out invitations; offer wine, Ginger Ale, eau de vie, cheese, olives, anchovies, pickled eels, chocolate chip cookies, opium... With enough notice, the DC Office staff can send an invitation to ALSCW members and post the event on Facebook.

If you hold several such parties each year, you’ll build a lively community and establish tradition and momentum (that pair that presides at the heart of the life of letters). You will also build important links between young scholars, writers, and readers - and their elders. One of the most successful features of the office meetings, which take place three times a semester, has been the alternation of presentations by senior scholars, emerging writers, and artists from other disciplines. Such local occasions will exhibit our flair, our idealism, our delight. They are a perfect instrument for attracting new members, so please include people who are not yet members.

—Rosanna Warren, Past President (2005)

For more information, or for assistance organizing or promoting a local meeting, please contact the Boston Office at