ALSCW members at Annual Conference

Attend our Annual Conference

The biggest ALSCW event of the year is our Annual Conference. We were pleased to see many of our members at the Twentieth Annual Conference held in April 2014 at Indiana University. Please join us this October at the Catholic University of America for our Twenty-first Annual Conference.

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ALSCW members at a local meeting in Boston

Local Meetings

Another way we fulfill our mission is by encouraging local meetings. Organize or attend a meeting of the ALSCW (or "a little literary festival," as founding member and past president Rosanna Warren calls them) in your area. Recent local meetings have been held in Boston, New York City, Baton Rouge, and Colchester, Vermont. Topics included "The Art of the Sonnet," "An Afternoon with the Faun," "Milton's Similes," "Words and Music, Music and Words," "Literature and Landscape," and "Some Poetic Uses of the Word and."

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